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Anyone can be a league bowler, and we are always looking for new people to come out and have fun!  Below are answers to frequently asked league bowling questions, but if your question isn't answered here, please visit our contact page, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

1. Do I have to get good before I join a league?

League bowlers come in all skill and experience levels.  The vast majority of our current bowlers play at the "grassroots" level. Some of the best fivepin bowlers in Canada bowl league at the Carman 5 Pin Bowl, but we welcome anyone to come out and have fun.  Even our best players are excited to meet new people and even show them the ropes if requested, as they care about the sport and wish to see it grow.

League play offers friendly competition and fun on a weekly basis, all handicapped based on your team's current ability.  In fact league champions are often comprised of first year bowlers, because they are steadily improving over the course of the season.

Many in house and out of town tournaments are available for bowlers of all levels, including handicapped events that can lead to provinical, or even national championships.  In just the last 5 years, 5 Carman bowlers have advanced to national finals in events designed for lower average bowlers. 

If you prefer to just bowl weekly and have fun, there is no requirement to enter any outside of league play events.

2. Can I bowl in competition outside league?  Do I have to?

3.  When do your leagues run?  How long does it take?

We have adult leagues Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening and Thursday evening, and youth leagues Wednesday evening and Sunday evening.  Our adult leagues bowl 3 games weekly and take around 2 hours.  Our youth leagues bowl either 2 or 3 games but last between 1 to 2 hours a week.

4.  How much does it cost?

Bowling is quite reasonable compared to many other winter sports. Most leagues have a weekly lineage fee and shoe rental cost, as well as a small yearly league membership and prize money fee. You can also save in some leagues by prepaying and having perfect attendance. Contact us to learn more about your choice of league.

5.  How long does a league season run?

Our traditional adult and "Club 55+" leagues begin in mid-september, and run until late April, for a total of between 28 and 30 weeks.  A one week vacation is held annualy for the Christmas break.

Our newest adult league, the "Wednesday Mixed Beer League" runs a shorter season, with 22 weeks of play beginning in November, and running until Mid-April.
Youth Bowling Canada leagues, for ages 5 - 19, begin in late September, and run until eary April, with 20 weeks of play. 

6.  What if I can't bowl every week? 
Can I bowl only a partial season?

There are a number of options for those who would like to bowl on a semi-regular basis.  Both our "Wednesday Mixed Fun League" and Tuesday Afternoon Mixed leagues are open to casual players or snowbirds.  You can play once or twice a month, or skip the winter months while you go on vacation.

As well, all leagues at the Carman 5 Pin Bowl offer the opportunity to "prebowl" games during open public play hours and use the scores towards league play that you know you will miss.
Bowlers who would like to play league on an occaisional basis can also sign up to become "spare bowlers" who fill in when a regular league bowler is unable to attend.  Many teams would love to have a spare available.



1 pm - 330 pm
6 pm - 930 pm
6 pm - 930 pm
6 pm - 11 pm
1 pm - 11 pm
1 pm - 6 pm

7.  Do I need to bring my own team?

While all leagues with an open spot would love to have a new complete 5 player team join them, there are many opportunities for fun individuals or couples as well.  We will help you try to find an active team or group of individuals to join.

We are always looking for church groups, businesses, families or friends who would like to build camaraderie, get out of the house, and exercise with friendly competition!

Groups as small as 12 and as large as 48.  As few as 4 weeks!

We are league bowling experts with over 50 combined years of running leagues. 
Just bring the bowlers and we can do the rest.  Call 745-2777 to learn more!

8. Can I Start My Own League?